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Nancy Willis
Gene Willis
Ed Bradley
Page 3
Allred to Benton
Page 4
Betz to Buffington
Page 5
Estes to Ferguson
(Ms Savage)
Page 6
Ferguson to Gill
(Mr. Brownlee)
Page 7
Goff to Harrell
Page 8
HatField to Holmes
Page 9
Holt to Lassiter
(Mr Rick Chase)
Page 10
Lee to McMillan
(Ms. Vickie Scott)
Page 11
McMillan to Miller
 Page 12
Mitcham to Morris
Page 13
Morris to Pittman
Page 14
Schupp to Robertson
Page 15
Robinson to Scott
Page 16
Seymour to Sumrall
Page 17
Taylor to 
Page 18
Thompson to
Page 19
Wetherington to
(Mr. McCoy)
Page 20
Wilson to
Mickey Fields
Marty Mayer